standard-title Automated Telephone Refills

Automated Telephone Refills

Save Time with our Automated Telephone Prescription Refill Service!

Whenever possible, please phone in your refill in advance; your pharmacist will have your order ready for you at the time specified by the Thrifty White Automated Prescription Line – (608) 647-8918.

for the Thrifty White Automated Prescription Line.

  • Have your prescription container(s) ready.

  • Dial your local Thrifty White Pharmacy telephone number

  • Using the buttons on your phone, select one of the following:

    • Press 3 to Refill a Prescription

    • Press 5 to transfer to another department in the store

    • Remain on the line if you would like to transfer to the pharmacy

  • Press 1 to Refill a Prescription

  • You will be asked to enter the following information using the buttons on your phone

    • The telephone number where you can be reached in case we have a question about your prescription refill request.

    • Your 6 or 7-digit prescription number, which is located on the upper left hand corner of your prescription label.

  • After you are finished you may

    • Press 1 to Refill Additional Prescriptions

    • Press 3 to specify when you want to pick up your prescription

  • To specify when you would like to pick up your prescription, enter the time using 4 digits for hour and minute.

    (For example: to enter 1:30PM, you would enter 0130.)