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Our Experience:

Since 1983, we have been  providing long-term care facilities with the finest of Pharmacy Services. The wide-variety of  facilities served, and experience gained, makes us uniquely qualified  to service virtually any long-term care facility.

Our Pharmacy:

State-of-the-art equipment, highly-skilled personnel, and new technologies that were unheard of just a few short years ago, make Thrifty White Pharmacy Services the “facility-friendly” pharmacy in southern Wisconsin.

Real-time, on-line of new prescriptions, prescription changes, and inventory monitoring, allow for short-cycle, just-in-time med-management that saves our customers time and dollars.

Our People:

Built from the ground up by a small group of dedicated professionals, our company has always employed the “best and the brightest”. Dedicated individuals who desire to learn and excel at whatever position they hold.

Wages alone don’t excite them. They build careers here for better reasons… Our owners, for instance, work side-by-side with the folks who work here, and they care about them as individuals and friends;  Fellow employees, who also crave the satisfaction that comes from doing a job as well as it can be done;  The freedom each individual has to suggest, create, and implement new procedures that allow us to work more efficiently – These are more meaningful reasons why the people who work here, stay here, and thrive.

Our customers will never see these intangibles, but they’ll enjoy the benefits of them often.

Pharmacy Services