standard-title Short Cycling – 3, 4, 7 and 14 Day Options

Short Cycling – 3, 4, 7 and 14 Day Options

Easy-to-read, pre-printed packaging reduces time, waste, and errors; increases accuracy and safety.

Our short-cycle strip solution makes it easy for your staff to focus on patient’s well being as our compliant packaging reduces errors and reduces administration time. Our advanced unit dose and multi-dose options give your staff the ability to be confident that the patient is taking the correct medication at the correct times. This technology allows facilities to offer pouches with a clearly printed indications of exactly what it contains, the name of the patient and what time that medication is to be administered.

Adherence Packaging complements your nursing staff…

  Easy-open, printed pouches  improve patient adherence and improves staff

    efficiency in monitoring doses.

  Labeled pouches can contain all pills necessary for one administration time.

  Pouches are kept intact until meds are dispensed at bedside.

•  Less time tracking meds means more time attending to patients.

Increased Safety for patients, improved accuracy for staff…

All packaging is verified in the pharmacy. The packaging offers an optional bar code for bedside scanning, giving additional patient conformation.

Family and Travel Friendly…

Printed pouch packaging makes it simple to separate a few days of medications for short trips. Your patients will receive the same medication packaging as they do in your facility. The easy-to-read labeling allows the patient and family members to know exactly when to dispense the medication.



Short-cycle pre-printed pouches are easier to dispense and monitor. All pouches are checked by pharmacist, reducing medication errors.



Easily see when and who the meds should be delivered to. The backs are see-thru allowing you to triple check the medications.